How can the Microsoft 365 Exchange solution make life easier for small businesses?

If you are a small business manager, you probably already understand the importance of a well-organized communication system. Communication errors are very common in companies and can cost a considerable amount of time and money, as well as being a source of frustration for the individuals concerned.

This is why an increasing number of software programs are being developed to optimize business communication with the rise of digital technologies. Of all these programs, Microsoft 365’s Exchange solution, developed by Microsoft, is one of the most widely used by small businesses, both for its advantages and its low cost.

What is Microsoft 365’s Exchange solution?

Exchange Online, which is available with Microsoft 365 Suite, is an email hosting service for small and medium-sized businesses. For a low monthly fee, Microsoft stores, manages and secures your company’s emails and gives you the benefits of a cloud messaging service with the reliability of an on-premise server.

Microsoft 365 Exchange makes small business mobility easier

Whether for remote working, client meetings or communication between different parts of the same organization, many small businesses need work mobility. Access to emails and documents has to be available to everyone at all times, no matter where they are.

The Exchange solution lets all employees and managers of a company backup their important data in an archive mailbox for easy access to corporate documents at any time, even offline.


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A more reliable service with Microsoft 365 Exchange

Computer data loss is a serious problem for organizations of all sizes, but it can be particularly costly for small businesses, which may not have the financial resources to incur such a loss. In some cases, a major loss of computer data can even put an end to an already vulnerable business.

To prevent this type of incident from happening, an organization needs to ensure the reliability of its IT system, including its email hosting service. Microsoft has a large number of data centers around the world and a high redundancy of servers and hardware: high availability of email hosting is therefore guaranteed with Microsoft 365 Exchange.

Microsoft 365 Exchange makes life easier for small businesses

In light of this article, you can understand why Microsoft 365’s Exchange solution is a must-have for small business IT systems. This is probably the most reliable and flexible email hosting service available at this price on the market.

However, having an excellent email hosting service is only one of the first steps towards achieving an optimal IT infrastructure. To learn more about best practices in IT services for small businesses, contact us: we will be pleased to help you deploy your IT project.

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