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Microsoft 365
Migration and training services for companies in Quebec

Microsoft 365 is an integral part of the most successful companies. Above and beyond a simple software suite, Microsoft 365 allows you to efficiently perform all your tasks and greatly facilitates collaboration between teams and customers. Groupe SL’s Microsoft 365 service is the ideal solution to optimize your business productivity and collaboration.

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Groupe SL's Microsoft 365 service: propel your business with the industry leader

What is
Microsoft 365 ?

Microsoft 365 is the flagship software suite used by the majority of the world's companies. Outlook, Word, Excel, One Drive, Teams, etc. It's all there, but this time in the form of a Cloud subscription that allows you to benefit from all the available upgrades. Microsoft 365 from Groupe SL offers additional protection with its geographical redundancy. If the primary system fails for any reason, your data is 100% protected.

Microsoft 365
migration service

Is your current environment outdated or no longer meeting your needs? Upgrade to the most popular software suite in the business world: Microsoft 365. With its advanced security and management features, data protection is ensured at all times. Groupe SL offers an Microsoft 365 migration service to support you in this transition. Our expert technicians will choose the licenses that perfectly match each of your user profiles for maximum customization.

Microsoft 365 training service

It is not always easy to adopt a new software suite, especially when you are used to using something else. For an easy transition and a quick mastery of your new environment, Groupe SL offers a dedicated training service for Microsoft 365. With our specialists committed to ensuring your performance, your entire management team and staff will be able to use the suite in no time.

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Why choose the Microsoft 365 service with Groupe SL ?

  • Microsoft 365 migration service (Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, Teams, etc.)
  • Microsoft 365 training sessions available for staff and management

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