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Enterprise IT infrastructure and project management

The IT world calls for advanced technical knowledge. Since not all SMEs have mastered IT or want to implement and manage the technological aspect of their business in-house, they often choose to entrust the work to a partner that specializes in IT outsourcing. This is where Groupe SL’s IT infrastructure and project management service comes in.

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IT infrastructure and project management services:

Proactive 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and maintenance

Your IT infrastructure never sleeps. Even outside business hours, it is important to ensure that is functions properly. Groupe SL monitors and maintains your IT equipment in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The implementation of proactive intervention programs helps prevent breakdowns and disruptions before they occur. This service ensures better system performance and improves your company's ability to adapt to market changes. In addition, it frees up your internal IT staff.

Security management

Data protection is a major concern for companies. An inadequate or poorly configured network is a risk for your SME and your customers. Groupe SL provides you with the best security tools available on the market to enhance your level of protection. Automated monitoring of updates to your devices and software helps prevent any threat of a computer breach. This regulatory compliance implements best practices to prevent fraud and improve your overall security.

Backup management

What would happen to your data if you were struck with an IT disaster? Groupe SL offers backup policies and customized recovery plans tailored to your business needs to ensure that your business is not disrupted in the event of a breakdown, breakage or theft. Customers who choose Groupe SL also benefit from comprehensive monitoring of their local and online backups, and can count on temporary equipment to quickly restart their operations when required.

Project management

IT project management is very different from traditional project management. Groupe SL has dedicated teams to help you in the various stages of your operations, from the start to the end of a project. This service ensures transparent and direct communication with all stakeholders, including application providers. When you entrust your migration, consolidation, deployment or relocation project to Groupe SL, you are partnering with a supplier that respects your delivery deadlines and budgets.

Would you like to entrust your IT infrastructure or project management to Groupe SL?

Why choose Groupe SL's IT technical support services ?

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure and all equipment
  • Security management to identify threats and deployment of measures to eliminate them
  • Backup management and implementation of integrated protection and recovery policies and plans
  • Project management of all types carried out by teams of dedicated experts

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