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Online data backup service for companies in Quebec

Data loss is a real problem in the business world. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid it. To mitigate any contingency, Groupe SL provides its Acronis Cyber Protect customers with a backup solution that quickly recovers your information when a service interruption or other unforeseen event occurs.

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Online data backup service: keep your business running at all times

Why choose Acronis Cyber Protect ?

Computer failures can be very costly for a company. Acronis Cyber Protect ensures that you can continue to operate in the event of a disaster by preserving your sensitive off-site information in a dedicated Cloud server. The functionalities and pricing of this advanced cyber protection are specially adapted to SMEs. To get your business back to normal within seconds after a failure, breakage or theft, you can trust Acronis Cyber Protect.

The advantages of this backup solution

Acronis Cyber Protect provides low-cost, secure data protection. Whatever the technology and volume of information you manage or generate, this efficient automatic online backup method executes as many backups as necessary, reducing downtime when a computer disaster strikes your organization. As you migrate to a new environment, Acronis Cyber Protect restores your data in seconds on more than 20 physical, virtual, mobile and Cloud-based platforms.

Acronis Cyber Protect, the online backup solution that simplifies your management

When you choose to protect yourself with Acronis Cyber Protect, you choose an online backup solution that streamlines your internal management. When you join forces with Groupe SL, your team is not responsible for supervising and managing this system. This partial IT outsourcing guarantees you permanent access to your files and protects you in the event of a failure or cyber attack. Integrating Acronis Cyber Protect and Groupe SL into your online backup strategy is a smart move.

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Why choose Groupe SL's online data backup service ?

  • Acronis Cyber Protect online backup service is easy to manage, reliable and infrastructure-free
  • Service entirely managed externally by the Groupe SL team

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