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Strategic IT, Disaster Recovery Planning and Account Management

A well-designed IT strategy is a major asset in the business world. Once implemented, it supports the vision and growth of a company in both the short and long term. To ensure the success of your SME, Groupe SL’s dedicated account management teams develop and implement strategic IT and disaster recovery plans that stand the test of time and disasters.

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Strategic IT Planning: optimize your business performance 24/7

Strategic IT planning

Your business strategies are very carefully developed. Can you say the same for your IT strategy? As the business world constantly evolves, so does the IT world. To support the growth of your business, Groupe SL develops and implements strategic IT plans that underpin your business vision. Reviewed on an annual basis, these plans allow you to respond to changes in your industry. Preliminary meetings and periodic follow-ups ensure its performance and effectiveness.

Disaster recovery plans

In some instances, an IT disaster cannot be predicted. On the other hand, these risks can be easily mitigated by implementing a contingency plan. To protect your sensitive data and ensure that you can continue to operate at all times, Groupe SL creates disaster recovery plans that allow you to deal with these unforeseen events. A careful analysis of your environment allows us to develop recovery plans for each of your departments and for all your equipment.

Dedicated account management

IT project management is a special field that requires advanced knowledge. To meet all your needs, Groupe SL has dedicated account management teams that are committed to the success of each of your projects. Our account managers are responsible for meeting your deadlines, schedules and budgets, while our project teams, as well as those assigned to remote and on-site maintenance and technical support, ensure that your initiatives run seamlessly.

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Why choose Groupe SL’s Strategic IT Planning ?

  • Development of medium and long-term strategic IT plans reviewed annually
  • Development of customized disaster recovery plans and contingency plans for each department
  • Development of customized disaster recovery plans and contingency plans for each department

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